Radio for brand building

Radio is a fantastic medium for ambitious small and medium sized businesses that are looking to grow. Advertising on Smooth is unskippable and unbeatable, helping businesses reach out to new customers

For targeting: right people, right time

Smooth’s combination of targeting opportunities enables advertisers to more efficiently reach their audience and optimise their advertising effects.

Return on investment

If your goal is to boost ROI, analysis highlights how moving money to radio from other media leads to greater returns at a total campaign level at no extra cost.

Using radio with other media

Smooth can play a highly effective role for advertisers alongside social media campaigns. Using Smooth as part of a wider media mix can enhance overall campaign performance.

Boosting awareness

Listeners demonstrate significantly higher ad awareness of radio advertised brands. Re-allocating a proportion of a TV or press budget into radio increases overall ad awareness for no extra cost.

Radio advertising is trusted

More than 87% of people say that they trust radio making it Malta’s most trusted medium